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RxNatural provides individualized treatment plans to address Women’s Health concerns, Nutrition, Diet & Weight Loss, and Mind-Body Techniques. To get started, Click the button below to Schedule a FREE 15 minutes consultation.

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Naturopathic Medicine

A Naturopathic Approach to Women’s Health

The use of medicinal plants and herbs is central to Naturopathic Medicine. The woman’s body responds so well to botanicals. Here at RxNatural, we use various combinations to treat Hormonal Disorders, Sugar Imbalances, Lowering Blood Pressure, Mood Support and Reducing Stress. To learn more, click the button below. You can also create an account to receive prescription grade herbs and supplements.

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The Principles of

Naturopathic Medicine

First Do No Harm

The goal at RxNatural is to help all women. We typically approach care by utilizing the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies. We will refer when the patient’s presentation is outside our scope or level of skill.

The Healing Power of Nature

RxNatural recognizes the value of nature assisting in the healing process. Not only we utilize substances that originate in nature, but we also incorporate a healthy natural environment as foundational to women’s health. We recognize the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Identify and Treat the Causes

Here at RxNatural, we focus on identifying the underlying cause of illness and removing obstacles to cure.

Doctor as Teacher

Dr. Highsmith elevates women’s health literacy by offering wellness education classes. She strives to help women have a better understanding of what it takes to be well and stay well. By taking these classes, women better understand the steps they need to take to achieve and maintain total health.

Treat the Whole Person

Here at RxNatural, we understand the interconnectedness of our body, our environment, and our lifestyle on total health. It is only through this whole-person-based approach that we seek to restore balance and health.


It is better to prevent illness and suffering whenever possible. RxNatural combines all six principles of naturopathic medicine in order to identify potential areas of imbalance and teach women how to get well and stay well.

1.5 hour appointment

First appointment with extensive medical history or complex complaints that require more counseling.


1 hour appointment

First appointment with a detailed medial history and focused on current complaints.


30 minutes appointment

Follow up appointments, Mind-Body Services, & Nutrition Consultations.


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What patients are saying about RxNatural.

I lost 11 pounds in 14 days with the vegan comprehensive detox. It was easy to follow and comes with a little booklet. Dr. Highsmith help me with get back on track with my weight loss goals.

Anonymous, Philadelphia
I was diagnosed with PCOS and Dr. Highsmith prescribed me some herbs that helped balance my hormones.  I’m feeling and looking much better these days.
Anonymous, South Philly

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